We will never move again.  

No sooner have we completed the final project to make our house a home (cliche but accurate) something happens. Every time.

On this occasion we had completed a lengthy infrastructure update to an amazing mid century ranch when opportunity knocked. Or in this case rang.

During a routine chat my friend (and realtor) asked the question-  would you move again? Hmmm. No. We love our house and have it EXACTLY the way we want it!

Ok. There is one house. In the center of town. Charming. Looks like the Father of the Bride house. Was on the market years ago for far more than we would spend.

That house never sold all those years ago?  And you happen to be listing that house this Spring?  So it begins.

Welcome to Branchville 1923. The story of making a house a home, imperfectly.

Listing photo.


  1. Famous last words…. so thrilled that people will get to see your sense of style mixed with the practicality of this phase of crazy family life….


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