Simply original. 

The beauty of a home with few renovations over the years- in tact original details.  As we move down our project list, we continue to find many well preserved 1920’s elements and hints of facets removed over the years.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The home was built with two full bathrooms. One on the second floor the other on the third.

Both bathrooms include the original medicine cabinets.

One of two original clawfoot tubs is still in place (the other was removed from the second floor during a bathroom renovation in the 90s). This one, on the third floor is begging to be restored. More to come on this!


Two staircases provide access from the main floor to the second.  The front staircase includes extensive millwork and wide steps- the back staircase, more simplistic for the staff (sadly the staff has gone the way of the butler) without lighting and stairs that are significantly taller with shorter treads.


Three original light fixtures are still intact and in use. The foyer, the butler’s pantry, and soon to be restored, the back porch light.

Original millwork, including picture rails, living room fireplace surround, as well as paneled doors (and knobs) are throughout.  Solid hardwood, these elements are as they were when the house was built. The only change, white paint in the 1990s. The original picture of the fireplace shared by prior owners.

We’ve already looked at the floors, windowsbutler’s pantry cabinets and hardware, but there are a few more original surprises to come- stay tuned.


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