Bursting with joy, I mean water.

Abundant character and charming quirks, my sentiment until our first major cold snap and mishap at Branchville 1923.

Our wishlist of updates is lengthy, however low (probably last) on this list was the laundry room. I despise laundry. I actually would remove the laundry room completely if there was an alternative for clean clothes. So when the first frigid days of winter resulted in a cracked pipe in the “laundry room” suddenly this project topped the list.

The washer and dryer had been moved from the kitchen (photo evidence from the 1980’s) into a porch, turned breezeway turned transition room from the garage. What does that mean?  Multiple doors, a concrete floor, no heat and as we learned, no insulation. None.

Photo evidence left by prior owners of the laundry room as part of the kitchen.

An emergency plumbing call on a holiday weekend solved the immediate problem.  Now for a long term solution.

Do we move the machines upstairs?  In order to create a laundry room for a family of our size we would need to modify existing rooms, take down plaster and (gasp) make changes to the newly refinished floors!  Not to mention what a water leak or high efficiency machine vibration could do to the plaster.

If we leave the laundry in the existing space how can we create a functional room and incorporate a most needed addition- a mudroom? House number 3 had a mudroom most suburban homeowners dream of.  Oh I do miss that mudroom.

Thanks to the construction and design expertise of Siburtek and Limekiln Hill Studios a plan was born!  Their plan and process below.

Moving doorways and relocating the original windows provides a dedicated laundry space, ample storage and a bench with room for shoes, jackets and everything needed for a Connecticut winter.
Period details like inset cabinets and a wood countertop make this “new” space feel part of the original.
The floor is raised 7 inches to eliminate the step down from the kitchen also enabling insulation and heat to be added to the floor.
A door and window change places in the name of efficient space planning.
Insulation and lots of it.

Next:  All the fun details- mudroom laundry room complete.


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