No flowers in this attic.  

During the initial projects (floor refinishing and painting), we inhabited the attic. Reactions to this arrangement ranged from surprise to disdain- the attic? A more accurate description- finished third floor.  Complete with indoor/outdoor carpeting and a color scheme to match, three rooms and a bathroom comprise the space. 

A small bedroom, nursery space and living room provided an apartment-like set up. Now that we’ve moved into the main and 2nd floor spaces, the attic is available for transformation. 

How do we make this space airy and bright, warm and welcoming?  The attic of the Serena and Lily flagship store in Westport pictured in Architectural Digest is dreamy.  A guest room, craft/playroom and office with the same look and feel would be divine!

The less than sunny current state:

Paint samples- not quite right . . .

Up next: project plan and outcome!


  1. I’m having a hard time responding on your blog. I think it’s the humidity from the Amazon.

    We’re back. It was very different. Three big snakes, but I was good.

    Happy Easter to all of you.


    Ps. I loved the story of the bell. No wifi in the Amazon.

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