Color play. 

Extensive paint preparation complete, the fun begins. Fresh color on the walls!

Selecting the right shade of your favorite color is daunting (and you thought the plaster repairs were painful). Even the perfect color from your friend’s house or your 1st (2nd or 3rd in this case) home may not work as well in the new space.

Here is my (almost) fool proof color selection process:

1. Make full use of paint company tools. Those companies have lots of resources and marketing dollars dedicated to ensuring your paint experience is a good one. Grab those color inspiration pamphlets from the hardware store and visit their online paint selector to define your direction and select several options.  Benjamin Moore happens to be my favorite.

2. Purchase samples.  Pick up a few color and shade options and paint several spots of color around the room (remember to label them).  Let them dry (thoroughly) and check them at several different times of day (what looks gray in evening light may look blue in the morning sun).

3.  Know when to call an expert. If you are painting the room yourself and have made a color mistake- just repaint it!  The cost of the new paint and time are well worth it.

If you are working on multiple rooms, the exterior of your home or paying a professional and can’t decide on the perfect color- hire a designer!

I have always prided myself on making my own design decisions and with the exception of a series of awful browns selected for the dining room of our 2nd home, was happy with the choices. Faced with an entire house of paint colors to select though I panicked.

Enter Molly Hirsch, talented designer and color genius. Within an hour Molly had confirmed my initial selections and identified some amazing shades that I would never (ever) have considered.

The result- see for yourself!  Color names listed in the captions below.  For a comprehensive list visit the Branchville 1923 Pinterest Board and for more photos of the finished product visit Branchville 1923 on Instagram.

Next: Floors.




  1. Love the new dining room color! (A great improvement from the peach!) With all the light from the windows, you definitely have shown you can do a bold dark color. I love seeing the progress.


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